Clash Royale – ULTIMATE P.E.K.K.A Deck

Hello Readers!

This is the main deck I’ve been using to climb from the ranks of Arena 7 up to Arena 10 (3500+ Trophies).

The Deck consists of the following cards:

  1. Pekka
  2. Hog Rider
  3. Wizard
  4. Electro Wizard
  5. Tombstone
  6. Arrows
  7. Poison
  8. Tornado

    How to use the cards in the Deck:


    • Strengths: Tanky, Insane Single Target Damage
    • Weaknesses: Easily distracted, Easily Swarmed by Skeleton Army, Slow, High Cost (7 Elixirs)
    • How to Play: I use this card mainly as a defensive against Elite Barbarians or Royal Giants when they cross the River to your side. Once the target Elite Barbs/ Royal G has been eliminated, follow up with a strong push by placing a Wizard at the back if the opponent has Minion Horde. Alternatively, use Electro Wizard if the Opponent has Infinity Tower/ Infinity Dragon. Standby Tornado to shift enemies near PEKKA for VALUE KILLS!

    Hog Rider (SPLIT-PUSHER)

    • Strengths: Great for dealing direct damage to towers
    • Weaknesses: Easily Distracted by Tower Cards, Electro Wizard, easily Swarmed by Skeleton Army
    • How to Play: Use this card as a split pusher by placing it on the Opposite Lane to when Pekka is down. This allows you to attack 2 towers at once and increases the possibility of a misplay by the Opponent.

    Wizard (SUPPORT + A.O.E DAMAGE)

    • Strengths: Good Splash/ AOE Damage, especially against Minion Horde, Skeleton Army (with proper positioning), Goblin Cards
    • Weaknesses: Quite High Cost (5 Elixirs), Easily Killed by Mini Pekka, Can possibly be Swarmed by Skeletons, Can be 1-hit by Fire Ball
    • How to Play: Use this card as a Support for PEKKA by positioning it behind as PEKKA crosses the lake. Follow up with Tornado for Value Kills as the Splash Damage from Wizard has insane VALUE! Wizards are also great against enemy Skeleton Balloons, Lava Hound Combos when coupled with Tornado. Flaming Tornado = Insane Damage.

    Electro Wizard (SUPPORT + STUNNER)

    • Strengths: Stuns Enemies, Resets Attack good against slow attacking enemies such as Bowler. Summon start can be used as an emergency Zap against Minion Horde
    • Weaknesses: Can be countered by Electro Wizard once you cross the river, can only attack 2 enemies at once. When attacking 2 enemies at once, damage is halved.
    • How to Play: Use this card as a Support for PEKKA against Infinity Targets such as infinity dragon, infinity tower. This prevents your PEKKA from taking critical damage as it resets the tower. Also good against enemy pekka so it slows down enemy pekka attacks by stunning it.


    • Strengths: Cheap Distractor against enemies, prevents enemy hog riders, bandits, giants from attacking your crown towers. Skeletons that emerge swam enemy target, dealing significant damage.
    • Weaknesses: Can be 1shot by fireball. Weak against targets such as Bowler, Wizard with AOE damage.
    • How to Play: Place this card down as the enemy hog rider is about to rush to your tower. This will prevent your crown tower from taking lethal damage. This card can also be used as a support to pekka by swarming enemy tower when PEKKA tanks the Tower damage.

    Arrows (SPELL)

    • Strengths: Good against Minion Horde
    • Weaknesses: Relatively Low Tower Damage
    • How to Play: Use this spell against Minion Horde if you do not have sufficent elixirs to summon a wizard or if it is not in your cycle.

    Poison (SPELL)

    • Strengths: Decent damage against towers, Great to use with Pekka so as enemies attack Pekka, they are being poisoned
    • Weaknesses: Slow damage against a period of time, not as instantaneous as Fireball.
    • How to Play: Use this spell to support PEKKA. Use hogrider and cast this spell in anticipation of incoming skeleton army.

    Tornado (SPELL)

    • Strengths: Good to clump all enemies together while using wizard to deal high AOE damage. Good counter against Balloon or Swam of enemies.
    • Weaknesses: Low damage unless at higher levels. Not effective against high health targets
    • How to Play: Use this spell to support PEKKA by pulling targets close to PEKKA so it can kill ground targets easily.

        That’s the end of my review, hope you have fun exploring this deck!

        All the best!


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