Do you Floss your Teeth?

Truth be told, I have never flossed my teeth when I was much younger. I only knew about the importance of flossing at a much later age, say when I was 18 Years Old when I considered becoming a Dentist!

Back then I probably flossed my teeth like once a month or.. NEVER LOL. (OOPS LOL bad Dentist) But now I floss on a daily basis, without fail. I even take the effort to floss when I’m overseas!! (I’ve changed for the better, and you can too)

But yeah, if you’ve ever flossed before, you’ll realise the amount of plaque present in between the gaps of your teeth! INSANE! And that’s right after brushing your TEETH! EVERYONE should floss, especially if your teeth are very tightly compacted, bits of food can get stuck there without your realization!

SO get started NOW! When you floss you’ll realise that it isn’t that much of a chore, it takes less than 2 minutes to get it done… And it saves you hundreds of dollars and potential trauma from rotting teeth, root canal treatment, and so much more!

And if you are lazy, just remember to floss the teeth you want.. Before you know it you will be flossing every single tooth! =)

Start flossing! 😀


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